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Parashat Yitro Haftarah: Stumps and Seeds

Stumps and Seeds

This week’s Haftarah, Isaiah, focuses on the promised destruction and regeneration. Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” depicts that.

Study Guide: Two Ends of a Stick

Moses is instructed to strike the stone as a water source with a rod because the Israelites are thirsty. What else did this rod do?

Study Guide: Inheritance or Gift?

Study Guide: Inheritance or Gift?

Study guide: Why does Abraham focus so much on Isaac? What about Abraham’s other children and should they receive inheritance as well?

Study Guide Is it safer to attack god

Study Guide: Is it Safer to Attack God?

Study Guide: What kind of society created the Tower of Babel? Would we want to live in that society? What did Rashi say?