Author: Rabbi Dahlia Bernstein

  • Dahlia Bernstein is a rabbi and leadership coach, helping Jewish leaders become unshakable by supporting them to reclaim their motivation and nourish their own boundaries so they inspire growth and truly make a difference in the world without sacrificing their sanity. After spending 9 years in the pulpit, Dahlia knew first hand that to inspire others, each person needs to be aware of how their inner responses to stress impact their leadership decisions. She trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching to support other Jewish leaders in their self empowerment and visionary action steps.

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close up image of gas stove with the words Leveraging Anger for Change this Passover

Leveraging Anger for Change this Passover

While anger and frustration can lead to stress and dissatisfaction, mindful approaches to our anger can move our lives out of complacency.