Author: Ariel Ya'akov Berry (they/them/הוא)

  • Ariel is a rabbinical student at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Outside of rabbinical school, they are a member of the Steering Committee for Svara's Trans Halakha Project, also serving as a member of the Teshuva Writing Collective. Their passion topics are halakha and theology, approaching both from a thoroughly traditional, yet radically queer framework. Ariel is a Midwestern native, coming to New York from Ohio where they received their bachelors in French and Comparative Religious Studies. They were also extensively involved in the local queer and Jewish communities.

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Shavuot: Z’man Matan Torateinu

Ariel Barry discusses Shavuot and receiving the Torah from Sinai. What does it mean to be “MiSinai”, from Sinai and how can we relate today?